BIBB0150: Living a Godly Life (Male)

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This year-long course will explore the book of James, the life of Christ, and what being a godly man looks like. Students will consider arguments regarding the author, date, major themes, and practical applications that can be drawn from the book of James using inductive Bible study methods. Students will explore and discuss the cultural, political, and historical environment present before, during, and after the ministry period of Jesus of Nazareth. Students will also learn biblical truths about what it looks like to be a godly man in today’s world and practical ways to apply those truths.


Must have completed Apologetics or one other high school Bible course. Suggested for juniors or seniors.


Module 1: The Book of James

  • Week 1: The Book of James and Inductive Bible Study
  • Week 2: The First Issue in the Book of James
  • Week 3: The First Issue in the Book of James (continued)
  • Week 4: The First Issue in the Book of James (continued)

Module 2: The Book of James (continued)

  • Week 5: The second Issue of James
  • Week 6: The Second Issue of James (continued)
  • Week 7: The Second Issue of James (continued)
  • Week 8: The Third Issue in the Book of James

Module 3: The Book of James and the Life of Christ

  • Week 9: The Third and Fourth Issues of James
  • Week 10: Genealogy and Predicted Birth of Jesus
  • Week 11: The Birth of Jesus and John the Baptist
  • Week 12: The Ministry of John the Baptist and the Beginning of Jesus’s Ministry

Module 4: The Life of Christ

  • Week 13: Jesus’s Ministry of Teaching and Healing
  • Week 14: Jesus’s Ministry (continued)
  • Week 15: Jesus’s Ministry: Healing, Parables, and Opposition
  • Week 16: Jesus’s Ministry in Galilee and Beyond

Module 5: Jesus’s Ministry in Galilee and Beyond

  • Week 17: Jesus the Messiah
  • Week 18: Jesus’s Arrest, Crucifixion and Resurrection, Semester Exam

Module 6: Being God’s Man and Godly Examples

  • Week 19: Being God’s Man
  • Week 20: Some of God’s Great Men from the Bible
  • Week 21: Godly Men in Today’s Society
  • Week 22: More on Godly Examples and You
  • Week 23: From Boy to Man
  • Week 24: More on Masculine Archetypes
  • Week 25: More Models of Mature Masculinity and You
  • Week 26: God’s Man and His Faith
  • Week 27: God’s Man, His Faith, and His Future
  • Week 28: God’s Man, His Decisions, and His Finances
  • Week 29: God’s Man and His Family
  • Week 30: Father Figures and God THE Father
  • Week 31: God’s Man, His Friends, and Fellowship
  • Week 32: God’s Man and Females
  • Week 33: God’s Man, Sexual Morality, and Real Love
  • Week 34: God’s Man and His Fitness

Module 7: Course Project, Review, and Semester Exam

  • Week 35: Course Project and Review
  • Week 36: Course Project and Semester Exam

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