BIB2300: World Religions

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This World Religions course introduces the student to an overview of today’s many religions. The student will understand that a person’s beliefs and worldview can significantly impact how he/she lives. The student will explore the fact that because there are many unique and distinct viewpoints, it can be hard to distinguish the definitive roots of those belief systems. This course will guide the student to understand existing and past religions and faiths better. The course will give students a holistic overview of each of the existing primary faiths of the world, along with the origin, key texts, primary beliefs, and current status of each, giving the student a deeper understanding of how religions are formed and continue to flourish.


None. This course is rigorous and designed for high school seniors.


Module 1: What is Religion, Ethics, and Worldview?

  • Week 1: Introduction – Religion and This Course
  • Week 2: Ethics and Morality
  • Week 3: Critical Thinking and an Introduction to Worldviews
  • Week 4: Basic Worldview Philosophies 
  • Week 5: Recognizing Worldviews

Module 2: Belief Systems, Ancient Near Eastern Religions, and Other Ancient Religions

  • Week 6: Basic Belief Systems
  • Week 7: Ancient Near Eastern Religions, and Other Ancient Religions
  • Week 8: Shamanism and Animism
  • Week 9: Confucianism, First Quarter Test

Module 3: Hinduism, Greek Philosophy, and Eastern Religions

  • Week 10: Zoroastrianism 
  • Week 11: Greek Philosophy 
  • Week 12: Hinduism
  • Week 13: Hinduism Project 
  • Week 14: Taoism

Module 4: Far Eastern Religions – Shintoism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism

  • Week 15: Shintoism and Sikhism 
  • Week 16: Jainism
  • Week 17: Introduction to Buddhism
  • Week 18: Buddhism, Second Quarter Test

Module 5: Judaism and Christianity 

  • Week 19: Introduction to Judaism 
  • Week 20: Judaism
  • Week 21: Introduction to Christianity 
  • Week 22: Christianity

Module 6: Islam and Its Sects 

  • Week 23: Introduction to Islam
  • Week 24: Islam
  • Week 25: Islam (continued) 
  • Week 26: Monotheism Project
  • Week 27: Review Week, Third Quarter Test

Module 7: Cults and Religions Outside the Mainstream

  • Week 28: Introduction to Cults 
  • Week 29: Cults
  • Week 30: Religions Outside the Mainstream 
  • Week 31: Cults and Other Religions Outside the Mainstream Project

Module 8: Truth, Absolutes, and Relativism

  • Week 32: Moral Assumptions 
  • Week 33: Moral Absolutism 
  • Week 34: Syncretism in Religions
  • Week 35: Tolerance and Relativism
  • Week 36: Review Week, Fourth Quarter Test

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