APP2800: High School Guitar

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This year-long course will introduce basic guitar skills, including how to play and maintain a guitar, as well as provide instruction on musical theory. Students will learn the fundamentals of music and the basic skills necessary to play a wide variety of music styles, including blues, rock, and jazz. Students will build their guitar skills by learning to strum chords and read guitar music, all while practicing numerous musical compositions.




Module 1: Music: The Universal Language

  • Lesson: 01.01 The Elements of Music
  • Lesson: 01.02 Holding and Tuning Your Guitar
  • Lesson: 01.03 Practice Skills
  • Lesson: 01.04 Using the Right-Hand Fingers
  • Lesson: 01.05 How to Use a Guitar Pick
  • Lesson: 01.06 Using the Left-Hand Fingers

Module 2: Making Music on the Guitar

  • Lesson: 02.01 Quick Start for the Right Hand
  • Lesson: 02.02 Quick Start for the Left Hand
  • Lesson: 02.03 Quick Start for Chords
  • Lesson: 02.04 Learning to Read Guitar Tablature
  • Lesson: 02.05 Quick Start for Improvisation
  • Lesson: 02.06 Module Two Exam

Module 3: Strumming Chord Accompaniment

  • Lesson: 03.01 How to Learn and Practice New Chords
  • Lesson: 03.02 Em-A7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 03.03 D-A7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 03.04 Am-E7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 03.05 G-D7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 03.06 C-G7 Chord Progression

Module 4: Reading Guitar Music

  • Lesson: 04.01 Notes on the First String
  • Lesson: 04.02 Notes on the Second String
  • Lesson: 04.03 Notes on the Third String
  • Lesson: 04.04 Pick-up Notes and Ties
  • Lesson: 04.05 Standard Notation vs. Tablature
  • Lesson: 04.06 Segment One Exam

Module 5: Beginning Music Theory

  • Lesson: 05.01 Beginning Intervals: Half Steps and Whole Steps
  • Lesson: 05.02 Sharps and Flats
  • Lesson: 05.03 Introduction to Major Scales
  • Lesson: 05.04 Music Composition for Guitar

Module 6: Reading Guitar Music: Bass Strings

  • Lesson: 06.01 Notes on the Fourth String
  • Lesson: 06.02 Notes on the Fifth String
  • Lesson: 06.03 Notes on the Sixth String
  • Lesson: 06.04 Form in Music
  • Lesson: 06.05 Eighth Notes
  • Lesson: 06.06 Module Six Exam

Module 7: Guitar Ensembles

  • Lesson: 07.01 Introduction to Ensemble Music
  • Lesson: 07.02 Ensemble Repertoire
  • Lesson: 07.03 Ensemble Performance Analysis
  • Lesson: 07.04 Key Signatures
  • Lesson: 07.05 Primary Chords
  • Lesson: 07.06 The Blues

Module 8: The Guitar in American Music

  • Lesson: 8.01 Life Through the Lens of Music
  • Lesson: 8.02 Spotlight on Bluegrass
  • Lesson: 8.03 Spotlight on Rock
  • Lesson: 8.04 Spotlight on Jazz
  • Lesson: 8.05 Segment Two Exam

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