APP2400: Music Appreciation

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This semester-long course provides instruction in basic musical elements and instruments, traces the development and growth of several forms of music, and gives students a foundation to appreciate music more fully. The course will expose students to several genres of music, and students will learn the names and backgrounds of several famous musical composers and their contributions to their particular genres. Students will also study gospel, praise and worship, and contemporary Christian music.




Module 1: Introducing Music

  • Week 1: Interacting with and Responding to Music
  • Week 2: Quiz & Basic Music Theory
  • Week 3: Presenting Music & Assessments
  • Week 4: Music Theory Test & Music of the Ancient World and Renaissance

Module 2: Music from the Ancients to the Renaissance

  • Week 5: Quiz & Music of the Baroque Period

Module 3: Music of the Baroque Period

  • Week 6: More Baroque Musicians
  • Week 7: Johann Pachelbel & Quiz
  • Week 8: Ancients and Baroque Test & Classical Composers

Module 4: Music of the Classical Period

  • Week 9: Clementi and Beethoven, Classical Period Quiz & Intro to the Romantic Period

Module 5: Music of the Romantic Period

  • Week 10: Musicians of the Romantic Period
  • Week 11: Quiz & More Musicians of the Romantic Period
  • Week 12: Debussy and Rachmaninoff & Quiz
  • Week 13: Classical and Romantic Test & Twentieth-Century Music

Module 6: Music of the Twentieth Century

  • Week 14: Roots and Country Music & Quiz
  • Week 15: Modern Musical Styles
  • Week 16: Hymns, Twentieth-Century Quiz & African Music

Module 7: Cultural Music

  • Week 17: Cultural Music
  • Week 18: Twentieth-Century and Cultural Music Assessments

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