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Enhanced courses are an excellent option for students who want to have additional teacher interaction and accountability. Some important things to note about Enhanced Courses:


  • NCAA Certified! – The NCAA has approved Enhanced Courses for your future scholarship athletes. Learn more about NCAA Approval.
  • There are only two start dates for Enhanced Courses each semester
  • Start dates are August 30 and September 13 for Fall 2021. Spring 2022 start dates are January 31 and February 14.
  • Teachers will hold weekly teaching and tutorial sessions, which the teacher records.  Importantly, LUOA allows students two weekly unexcused absences per semester. The teacher gives a participation grade based on attendance at live teacher sessions and participation in discussion boards.
  • Teachers determine the schedule for these sessions and give the schedule to the student in the first week of courses.
  • LUOA notifies students when they are two weeks behind. However, after 30 days behind, students are administratively withdrawn from the course and given an FN.
  • Teachers will hold conferences with students through Canvas before each module test to ensure students understand the material.  Additionally, an adult must proctor the semester and final exams.
  • Once a semester, teachers will have a conference with the parents or legal guardians of the students.
  • Tuition is $99.00 extra for a full-year class / $49.50 extra for a half-year class



To take full advantage of our Enhanced courses, it is important that students stay on track with their scheduled assignments. This allows them to benefit from the discussions with their teacher and classmates. Meeting deadlines is a skill that will aid students in their high school classes and beyond. Enhanced courses require assignments to be turned in by the due date to receive full credit. For each day the assignment is not submitted, the student will have 5% deducted from the assignment grade with a maximum deduction of 20 percent.


*Exceptions to this late policy may be considered in cases of illness, travel, or unforeseen events. Students will need to contact their teacher to seek approval for an exception.


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