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Student Testimonial: Daryl Turner

“My goal as a physician is to give life to the lives of others; truly serving others through sacrifice.”

What drew you to apply and attend LUCOM?
I wanted to apply to a school where I could receive the best education based on my learning style in an area where I could be supported academically. This school has done above and beyond that.


What about fostering spiritual growth, character development, and academic maturity through LUCOM’s Code of Conduct?

Even though it’s rooted in Christian-based faith, I feel the code of conduct speaks to self-discipline. However, it’s written out and signed so it can be expected of students. There are no unwritten rules, due to the complete transparency of what’s expected of you – and what they’re expecting is something you should expect of yourself as you grow. That is to be self-disciplined, to serve others to the best of your ability, while presenting yourself in the best way.

What about the faculty at LUCOM?

The faculty that I’ve encountered have been a blessing in more ways than one, and have done everything they could by taking the time to individualize their approach to me. It’s like a family who isn’t going to let you fall.

What about the dress code?

I feel the dress code in place is there to promote the aspect of professionalism in our field. As we are progressing through our career, it’s better if the foundation is made strong in the very beginning.

What about the LUCOM attendance policy?

I believe that students don’t have a problem with following the attendance policy however, life happens and those who can’t attend lectures have resources available to fill the void of being unable to attend. LUCOM is willing to make accommodations for those unexpected events that occur in life.

LUCOM has a unique component to its curriculum called COMPASS. What is COMPASS?

COMPASS is a time to reflect on our mental and physical well-being with a small group of others. During medical school, each student is changing in a variety of ways. It’s important to see where a person is at and make them aware.

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