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Student Testimonial: Angela Tseng

“I want to become a doctor because of the opportunities that physicians have to change others’ lives for the better.”

What drew you to apply and attend LUCOM?

The caring environment and encouraging faculty and staff at LUCOM are what drew me to apply and attend. It is clear that they care for you holistically and are constantly going above and beyond for us as students, but more importantly as people.

LUCOM is a Christian, faith-based institution. As a student-doctor at LUCOM, what are your thoughts on this environment?

LUCOM is clear that they believe in Jesus and they do their best to model the learning environment after Christ. Although faculty and staff integrate their affection for the Lord and belief in Scripture into their interactions with students, it is in no way aggressive and demanding of conversion. More than anything, they seek to model how Jesus cared for individuals holistically by being intentional, genuine, and loving with and towards their students.

What are your thoughts on the LUCOM student-doctor culture?

LUCOM selects each class with great consideration, evaluating how potential student-doctors will encourage, aid and support their fellow classmates. While we are all focused on learning and growing each day, we are also committed to one another as well.

LUCOM has a unique office to help support the students. What are your thoughts on the Office of Student Services?

The Office of Student Services is a valuable part of the student experience at LUCOM. They help keep students sane and make sure we are having fun, as well as studying. The faculty for this division are also some of my favorite people who always take the opportunity to see how you are doing and to encourage you.

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