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The Benefits of Bouldering

April 11, 2018

Tim McLaughlin – Marketing Intern and Montview Student Union: Member Services

It’s no secret that bouldering can be tremendously beneficial to the human body in terms of health and stamina.

Bouldering involves climbing on boulders, which are usually up to 35 feet high, without the use of any ropes or harnesses. Crash pads – foam pads that are typically 4 inches thick – are placed at the bottom of the boulder in case the climber falls. Spotters are also positioned at the bottom of the boulder to help break the climber’s fall. Bouldering is the most powerful and dynamic type of rock climbing, which can make it very fun, gymnastic, and dynamic in its movements.

While many invest time, money, and energy into this intense sport, few are able to master the techniques of advanced rock climbing and bouldering. This demanding sport tests your mental and physical strength more than you might think – it is truly a full-body workout.

Not only does it involve muscular strength, endurance and power, but it also involves a great deal of mental fortitude. While many see the physical aspect as demanding and intimating, it should be viewed as a high-intensity exercise. Contrary to some types of training, this also provides a real-world application.

This extreme sport also involves a good bit of mental strength in completing the challenge that you are trying to overcome. According to Health Fitness Revolution, “Rock climbing reduces stress by increasing levels of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter in the body that aids in releasing stress.” Not only does it require dedication and perseverance, but also it might actually be helping us relieve stress.

All in all, bouldering is often overlooked in terms of their intensity and benefits. We have a chance for you to get involved and learn some tricks of the trade on April 13th from 4-11 pm in the LaHaye Rec and Fitness Center. Join us by signing up today!