Bowl with Decorum, Please

July 8, 2022

Written by Abigail Gonzalez, Montview Recreation Manager

So, you fancy yourself a bowler, eh? Before you can truly qualify as such, you must first be made of aware of the do’s and don’ts of every bowling alley facility. Etiquette is both highly valued and immensely appreciated by the upper crust bowling audience and participants, and it is plain shameful to not be well-versed in such societal standards. If you are attempting to climb the ladder of the bowling elite and make a name for yourself among the first-class crowd but possess no real, tangible knowledge of bowling alley decorum, then look no further; this blog is for you.

The Do’s

Becoming a respected member of any bowling alley goes beyond just skill and work ethic. In fact, how well you bowl and how many hours you put into your craft matter not even a smidgen if one does not have proper bowling etiquette. Impressing your peers on the lane can only go so far when you have no respect for their games (or at least, it seems as though you do not because you do not have a well-rounded understanding of how to behave when bowling).

First “do” of the day: give the bowlers on either side of you (i.e., if you are on lane 2, then lanes 1 and 3) the right-of-way. Before taking aim, be sure to check first if the people on either side of you are about to bowl. It is distracting to have someone bowl at the same exact time as you do, especially if they are just the next lane over. Do not be that person. We beg of you, please.

The second “do” is to be polite during the game. Refrain from being antagonistic toward other bowlers and try to enjoy yourself! If congratulations to other bowlers is a bit much for your competitive streak, then remain quiet (especially when they are bowling).

The Don’ts

The first “don’t” on our list is simple: do not touch what is not yours. In other words, avoid using another bowler’s equipment. If you are quite tempted, you must always ask permission. Not only is it rude to use another bowler’s ball or other such game items, but it can also throw off the bowler’s game, which would most likely create animosity that is not suited for a bowling alley.

The second “don’t” is more for the public, who do not own their own bowling equipment (which is completely fine, by the way!). We, as a bowling alley staff, ask that you return all equipment back to where it belongs (i.e. shoes to the desk, balls to the rack). Taking our equipment leaves the bowlers behind you with less variety. It also means we must replace it, which takes time and funding, and is generally a hassle.


Overall, try to apply your common decency to your bowling game, and you’ll be set! Mind your manners and be sure to treat other bowlers and our facility the way you wish to be treated. We look forward to seeing you at the Montview Bowling Alley soon! For more info, visit