Why You Should Visit the Montview Game Room

April 1, 2022

Written by Noah Trent, Montview Recreation Manager

The Montview Game Room sits on the second floor of Montview Student Union, directly over “Hey Cow!”. It’s one of the few locations on Main Campus where you can relax and enjoy recreational activities provided by Liberty University. This blog will give you a quick rundown of what the Montview Game Room has to offer.

My Personal Experiences

One of my main hobbies since elementary school has been gaming. I’ve played pretty much every genre of game out there, and while I’ve not liked them all, they’ve always provided a way for me to relax and recharge after a stressful day. I’ve spent many hours in the Game Room enjoying the games and challenging random people to different games, both on a screen and off. The Game Room is a great place to meet people and unwind after or during a long day. I’ve made many friends in the Game Room and even met my girlfriend there.

 The Game Room, to me, is a reminder that college is more than just classes. College is a time to figure out who you are and to make connections that you’ll have with you throughout your life. What better way to meet people and make connections than a friendly game of billiards or a 1v1 on Call of Duty?

What the Game Room Offers

First and foremost, the Game Room has a wide variety of things to offer. For our gamers, we have two PlayStation 4 consoles, two Xbox One consoles, a Nintendo Switch, and a couple of NES and SNES consoles for a throwback to the early days of gaming. Each console has a wide selection of games that is consistently being updated, thanks to suggestions from students and employees that are familiar with the gaming community. If you’re not interested in video games, we have four Billiards Tables, three Ping-Pong Tables, a Foosball Table, Air Hockey, and many different board games that you can check out and play with your friends.

The Benefits of the Game Room

The Game Room is an important part of student life and well-being. The ability to relax, unwind, and play games is precious to any student — especially around exam season. Playing games with your friends help stimulate neural activity and also positively impact emotional wellbeing. Win-win! The best part about the Game Room is that it’s 100% completely free! Any student can come in and check out any of the activities in the Game Room for absolutely no charge.

Still want to learn more? Visit our website and click on “virtual tour” to see the facility!