“I Can’t!” (But Really, “I Can!”)

September 30, 2021

Written by Ben Sattler, Assistant Director of Operations

If I had a dollar for every person that came up to the range to watch a friend and tell me ‘I can’t shoot’ I’d… well, I’d have a lot of dollars. There are a lot of unfounded beliefs about people’s ability to use firearms, and it’s very natural! Firearms are not something that many people are raised around, and they have some serious negative image problems. They can be loud and if mishandled, much like a car or snowboard, they can be dangerous. But much like cars or a snowboard they can also be really fun. The difference between ‘unsafe’ and ‘really fun’ is all in the user, and that’s where we can come in.

Learning to Shoot Safe

The staff at Liberty Mountain Gun Club are all experienced firearms instructors who are used to working with people who have never shot before.  We will offer instruction where we work with you in a safe environment until you are comfortable with the whole thing. We like working with new people and offer patience, encouragement, and gentle reminders as needed.

You Have Options!

LMGC offers a number of different options to try out. If you’re totally new to shooting, we recommend starting off on a weekend at the rifle or pistol range with a 10-22 rifle. These have so little recoil that I would put one on my nose and shoot it, and a slick red-dot sight that makes aiming really easy. I’ve been working at LMGC for three years and have yet to see someone leave without a smile on their face after using one of these. If you prefer pistols, we also have Ruger Mark 4 22-45 pistols for rent. These are a little bit trickier to shoot than the rifles, but only a little bit more. They offer a good step-up challenge once you feel you have mastered the rifles!

Lastly, the shotgun range is open 7 days a week and offers something that the other ranges don’t: moving targets! Contrary to popular belief, shotguns do not kick like a mule, and it can be very satisfying to hit a clay pigeon while a friend films it. Shotgun can be more challenging than rifle or pistol, but it’s the challenge that makes it worthwhile. No one celebrates picking up a pencil or when you throw an empty can into the trash; success is taken for granted because it’s so easy.

So, What Do You Say?

College is an opportunity to stretch your horizons, experience new things, and overcome challenges that offer self-confidence and skills to move forward in life. It’s perfectly okay to feel nervous about trying new things, but if you never try new things, you’ll be limiting your future potential. LMGC offers you the opportunity to try something new with a lot of patient and professional support. Why not give it a try? Learn more about Liberty Mountain Gun Club at liberty.edu/LMGC. See you soon!