Outdoor Trip and Ice Cream Crawl of Lynchburg

August 6, 2020

Written by Maria Campanella, Facility Manager at Hydaway Outdoor Center

It is officially summer and although things have been different surrounding our world lately, we are blessed enough to still get outside. In my opinion, the perfect pairing to an outdoor activity is ice cream, so I have compiled a short list of trips near Lynchburg that I have paired with a local ice cream shop for afterwards. This is a great beginner’s guide to the outdoor activities Lynchburg has to offer and the classic ice cream places as well.

Fly Fishing & MayLynn’s

One of the first trips we took as a group was to Hunting Creek for a fly fishing trip. Many of us were beginners, so don’t worry, it can be done! If you are a complete beginner and have no idea where to start, Angler’s Lane located in Lynchburg offers guided trips for people of all experience levels. Hunting Creek is a great location to learn and experience fly fishing for the first time as well. If you want to learn more, here is a great YouTube video to get you started!

MayLynn’s Creamery is well known for being one of Lynchburg’s best! You have two locations to pick from: their truck in Boonsboro or the shop location in downtown Lynchburg. Both locations are great and have a variety of flavors and treats to choose from. I personally prefer the truck, but no matter which location you choose, you will be getting high quality ice cream after a high-quality trip and outdoor activity!

Canoe Trip & Mister Goodie’s

The James River is a perfect location to do some river canoeing! Our department recently went on a 15-mile trip down the James River, and it was truly the perfect day. I couldn’t recommend it more. There are many different access points along the James River, so you can make the trip your own and specific to your goals. Here is a great list of the different places to start and finish a trip. Also, make sure you prepare before you go by checking the water levels and ensuring the safety of the trip.

If you do not have access to a canoe, they are available to rent at Hydaway! If canoeing isn’t your cup of tea, tubing is also a great option! James River Runners offers a 3 mile river trip and provides tubes.

Just like the James River is a Lynchburg staple, Mister Goodies is just as classic. It is the perfect stop after a long day on the river, and you can find their menu here if you have never been! Not to mention, they always have some kind of special going on.

Hike & Mister Goodies (Boonsboro)

Hiking is always a good option for an outdoor activity and there are plenty to choose from around Lynchburg. One that you may not have heard of is called House Mountain. It has multiple options for views, and it is a great hike for anybody! It is a little on the challenging side and is pretty inclined most of the way up, but that means it is an easy trip down!

House Mountain is an underrated hike, just like the Mister Goodies in Boonsboro is, in my opinion, a very underrated ice cream place. They have hand scooped ice cream with rotating flavors! Their current menu can always be found on their Facebook page. Everyone I have talked to who has been here loves it, including me! 10/10 recommend.

Liberty Mountain Trail Series & Outside the Cone

This is my personal favorite. There are so many trails within the Liberty trail system that are hidden gems. Clear Cut is one of my all-time favorite trails and one of our best. However, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t have a map to our trail system, you can find one at any trail kiosk or visit our website.

Last but not least, Outside the Cone is a newer option in Wyndhurst, but it is quickly becoming a Lynchburg favorite! They are constantly coming up with new flavors, and they always make sure they have vegan/dairy-free options available. Also, their vanilla and chocolate flavors won a National Award at the NIRCA Convention in 2019!

Happy summer, get out there!