Fun Mini Games At the Bowling Alley

July 24, 2020

Written by Victoria Dissmore, Marketing Employee

It’s bowling night with your hall at the Montview Bowling Alley, and you want to do something besides a normal game. But what’s this? Your roommate has stumbled upon variations to the classic game on your lane’s bowling screen. Bowlin’ Hood? Monster Factory? Last Pin Standing? These will for sure give bowling night a refresher!

Skill & Classic Games

Start by asking the attendants at the desk to set up your lane as a timed game as opposed to by number of games. These special games are only available under timed mode. Once you get to your lane and input all players into the system, follow these directions:

  • Tap “Your Lane Your Way” at the top right side of the screen.
  • Choose “Skill & Classic Games” (third option down, on the left).
  • Choose which of the eight variations your group wants to play, touch the checkmark, and start bowling!

These games are simple variations on the classic bowling game, with different scoring rules and rules on which pins to hit. For an overview of each game, read on below!


Named because the system will insert an automatic strike in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames, this version will make your games faster and help you achieve a higher score.

The 3-6-9 default frames can be changed to any other frame from the front desk. The maximum score per game for this version is 100.

Even Better

In this version, your goal is to only knock down an even number of pins. However, if you knock down 10, which is a strike, the system will count it as score of zero. The same goes for hitting an odd number of pins or zero pins at all, including a gutter ball.

One ball per frame. Max score 80.

Head Hunter

The goal of this game is to hit the head pin on each turn—but without getting a strike. If you hit 7, 6, 5, or 4 pins, you get a bonus that converts your score to 10. If you don’t hit the head pin, or if you get a strike, the frame score is zero.

One ball per frame. Max score 100.

Last Pin Standing

This game is the opposite of Head Hunter: the goal is to knock down as many pins as you can—without hitting the head pin. Your first ball must knock down pins without the head pin to get a shot at a second throw. If you leave the head pin standing after the second ball you achieve bonus points. To get a strike, hit all pins except the head pin with the first ball. If you hit the head pin with your first ball, the frame will be over, and your score will be zero! If you knock down all the pins except the head pin with the second ball, you get a spare.

You have the potential for two balls per frame. Max score 300.

Low Game

This game just might be the ultimate test of skill. In this game, the system scores in reverse so the lowest score wins. Bowling your first gutter ball gives you a strike; second gutter or zero pins gives you a spare. Tip: aim for only the 7 and 10 pin.

Two balls per frame. Best score 20.

No Tap

For players of differing skill levels, No Tap may be a good game selection! This setting allows a lower pin fall value to be set and count as a strike. Knock down 9 pins and the system scores a strike or choose a different value for each player (7, 8, 9, or OFF).

Two balls per frame. Max score 300.

Odd Duck

This version is just like Even Better, except here your goal is to only knock down an odd number of pins. If you get a strike, an even number, a gutter ball, or zero pins, the system will count it as score of zero.

One ball per frame. Max score 90.

Odds & Evens

This game is simple. Score an even number of pins and you get a strike. Roll an odd number and you get a spare.

One ball per frame. Max score 300.

Mad Games

These games are a little madder than the skill games above. If you’re looking for a crazy night, try some of these games out! And don’t forget to ask at the desk to have your complimentary memento printed to take home!

Like with the skill and classic games, you’ll have to ask the desk attendants to set up your lane as a timed game. From there

  • Go back to “Your Lane Your Way”.
  • Tap “Mad Games”.
  • Choose from the following four games:

Bowlin’ Hood

Throw on your feathered cap, stock up your quiver, and get ready to prove your sharp-shooting skills in this bowling-archery competition. Challenge your opponents in just 5 shots! Your archery score for each shot depends on your bowling score and skill level. Pick your starting skill level, and as you play better throughout the game, you’ll be promoted to a higher level.

Monster Factory

Challenge your friends to see who can build the coolest monster. Each ball you throw adds a different part to your monster, depending on your score that frame. You have five shots so make them count!

Character Factory

Just like Monster Factory, you and your friends can each create your own character friends! With each ball a new feature gets added to your character, depending on how many pins you knock down. Again, you get five shots!

Battle on the Lanes

This is the game to settle feuds. Each team gets a castle and the object of this game is to destroy the castle of the opposing team! The more pins you knock down, the more damage is done to the opponent castle. Your projectile and your power depend on your bowling score and skill level—pick your starting skill level and play well to be promoted to the next level.

So next time you have to go to another bowling night, don’t be distressed—get excited! Tell your friends to try out one or all of these games!