How to Up Your Ping-Pong Game

July 2, 2020

Written by Tanner Hoffarth, Marketing Employee

I’ve been wanting to take my ping pong game from 0-100 so I can ace my friends and family in some friendly competition. After doing a bit of research, I found some tips and tricks on how to up your ping pong game that you can take to the table.

First Things First: Spin

Spin in the game of ping-pong is essential. As a beginner, it can come off as very daunting but once understood can improve your play immensely. In ping-pong there are many different forms of spin, but right now we will cover the top three techniques.

The first spin and the most common out of them all is topspin. Topspin can make the ball seem as if it is attracted to the table and can be a great way to keep the ball low on the bounce.

The second spin that is great to learn to up your game is backspin. Backspin is a great way to begin to layer your strategy because when done well, it can completely change the speed of the game. When kept low, backspin can make the ball act as if the table is made of ice and slide. When the ball is higher, it can make the ball seem as if it has stuck to the table like glue.

The last type of spin is sidespin. Sidespin serves as one that is harder to understand, but once understood can be used in many different forms offering a large variety to your bag of tricks, especially serves.

Using Your Whole Body

One of the most common things beginners run into when learning their stroke is how to be consistent and in control. Learning to control and manipulate the ball in the way you want to all starts in the hips. Consistent gameplay happens when utilizing your whole body, almost like a spring. Using your whole body looks like turning your shoulders backward while transferring your weight backward to wind the spring, then releasing in a fluid motion while turning your shoulders back, shifting your weight forward, and striking the ball.

Use a Consistent Paddle

Understanding your paddle will take you from a leisure player to some who is serious about the game. Having your own paddle and knowing your paddle will help keep you consistent across the board. Just like you know everything about the back of your hands, your paddle will soon become that. A different paddle is like learning to drive someone else car—you don’t know their blind spots yet, the breaks could be touchy, and parallel parking the car is a nightmare. When it comes to paddles, some are more grippy then others or even different weights. Having your own paddle, you can learn the grip and power so every time you play there are no surprises. If you’re not looking to purchase your own paddle, study and master the ones that we provide in the Montview Game Room!

Keep it Low

Last but not least, the height at which you serve or return the ping pong ball matters. The lower you keep the ball, the less of an angle you create for your opponent to return with power. However, not all cases are good to keep it low.

Now that you’re ready to step up your ping-pong game, we look forward to seeing you in the Fall in the Montview Game Room!