Hammocks: The New Way to Hang Out

April 16, 2020

Written by Joe Frey


We have all seen them around Hydaway and the trails, most of us own one and we all love using them!  Hammocks.  There may be a bit more to this fancy piece of fabric than you know.  So let’s dive in and discuss the hammock; both as a means to “hang out” with friends and a great camping option!

The History:

To better understand the hammock it is important to know the history and how it has been used in the past.  Hammocks have been around for hundreds of years.  As history goes, the hammock was invented by Mayan civilizations as a way to protect them from the environment around them.  They were then adopted by sailors as a way to ease sea sickness during voyages.  Used widely in the 16th century all the way to our present time.

In 2016 there was dramatic rise in interests among hammock.  The term “hammocking” became a trendy phase among millennials to describe a social way for them to “hang out” with their friends.  People realized you didn’t need to be camping in a forest, you could put you hammock up anywhere. With this rise in interest outdoor enthusiasts also began to use the hammock more as a means of camping.  Making the decision to leave the tent at home and only bring a hammock.


Benefits of Hammocks:

  1. Health: It has been proven that sleeping in hammocks provides better circulation, better sleep, and eases muscle aches. Much of this is due to your body being in an “optimal sleeping position” and there being zero pressure points on your body. It also takes us right back to that “cradled baby” sensation that we remember from our early months of life.
  2. Adventure: Having a hammock can be a great motivator to get outside and find a new creative way to hang your hammock.  Hammocks are a great thing to bring on a hike as they take up little space and have many uses.
  3. Above the safety line: Whether you’re backpacking, camping, or just napping being above the ground will ensure you are out of the wet, mud, and critters.
  4. Multitude of Uses: Much of the increased use of hammocks can be related to their many uses.  Hammocks can be used as a chair, bed, blanket, and more.  Other uses can come from their straps and carbineers that many include.  After taking a course in wilderness medicine it is also very apparent that hammocks have many survival uses.  To learn more about the uses your hammock has be sure to check the manufacture’s suggestions for use.

While this is a short list, I hope that it opens your eye to some of the many benefits hammocks can have in your adventures.  They are very useful tools and I want to encourage you to do your own to research to see how your hammock can best serve you.

Check out these reviews from Popular Mechanics and The Adventure Junkies to start hanging out with the rest of us!