The Importance of Taking a Break

December 18, 2018

Torrin Nelson- Marketing Manager

It is that time of year. The semester is over, and you have probably exhausted yourself from a lot of work academically and physically during the semester, but you now have the opportunity to take a break and let your body and mind rest. If you keep pushing forward without listening to your mind and body, you could find yourself at a burnout and physically and mentally unhealthy. Rest and relaxation are commonly mixed up, but both are important to your health, and now is the perfect time to practice a little rest and relaxation to recharge your body for the upcoming semester.

Rest is allowing your body to slow down and recuperate. Rest can be achieved by sleeping and low states of activity. Resting implies that your body isn’t actually doing much except for literally recharging itself. Without proper rest, the body can be susceptible to sickness and will lead to burnouts. These burnouts can be physical, mental, and emotional, and often they’re a combination of all three. During this break between semesters, allow your body to rest. This doesn’t mean that you need to avoid all forms of activity, but instead, be mindful and intentional about listening to your body and allowing it the time it needs to get back to 100%.

Relaxation is more focused on the feeling and mental state of a person. Relaxing can be a break from one monotonous activity to complete another activity such as hiking. Relaxing is more active than rest, and this allows for a lot of possibilities. Relaxing is so important because it comes alongside rest and aids the body to physical and mental health. Relaxing is special because it is unique to each person, and each person can choose his/her specific path to relaxation, active or nonactive. By pairing relaxation and rest, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Rest and relaxation are both crucial to the body’s wellbeing, so Rec Centers encourages you to take advantage of the break that you have to get your mind and body back to full health before jumping into another crazy and active semester because we have a lot planned for you all.