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One challenge facing many Christian parents is the lack of private, Christian school alternatives within their communities. While some parents choose to homeschool their children, others can't afford to leave their jobs in order to do so.


You may have always wanted to provide a Christian school alternative to your community, but with the cost of hiring teachers, buying curriculum, providing a library, and all the other associated expenses, you have not been able to do so. With Liberty University Online Academy you can!


By partnering with LUOA, you can provide an opportunity for the parents in your community to enroll their children in a quality, Christ-centered school from your church or academic facility!


With your own campus, you will be supported by the vast educational resources of Liberty University. LUOA provides Christ-centered curriculum, lesson planning, an online library, certified teachers, counselors, and a trained staff.


LUOA's goal is to help your organization provide a quality Christian education to your local community with minimized costs associated with a traditional Christian school. 


expand your program


Across the country, there are hundreds of K-8 Christian schools that are unable to afford the cost of adding a high school option for their students. Partnering with Liberty University Online Academy is a simple and cost-effective option. As long as a school has the space, LUOA can provide the curriculum, lesson planning, certified teachers, counselors, and an accredited diploma option!


Whether you have one high school student or one hundred, LUOA is prepared to help your school expand! Want to learn more? Please see our handbook!


give your students the Opportunity of our dual enrollment Program!


Liberty University Online Academy, an affiliation with Liberty University's online program, offers the Dual Enrollment program–specifically designed for high school juniors and seniors who want to earn college credit while still in high school. As a school, you can allow your juniors and seniors to take Dual Enrollment courses with LUOA as a way to earn both high school and college credit!


blended learning


Research is beginning to reveal the long-term benefits of online learning. As a result, many traditional schools are looking to offer online content as a part of their daily school schedule. In partnership with Liberty University Online Academy, your school can integrate our online, Christ-centered curriculum into its course offerings. As a school, you can select as few or as many courses, from various grade levels, to offer to your students. LUOA will teach, grade, and administer all aspects of the course(s) to provide your institution with the support it needs to thrive!


current LUOA affiliates


Looking for a current LUOA affiliate school in your area? Visit Current LUOA Affiliations Page. 


To learn more about how your organization can partner with Liberty University Online Academy, call Joel Salinas at (434) 592-7387 or email