EDGE Admissions Requirements & Policies


Admissions Requirements

All students must meet the Liberty University Online Academy admissions requirements. High School students who are interested in earning both their high school diploma and an Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies must also meet the requirement below. Those seeking details on the EDGE Associate of Arts requirements can click here.

High School Student EDGE Admissions Requirements:

  • A letter of recommendation from your High School guidance counselor is needed only if a student has a GPA below 3.0. 
  • Apply online or call 866-418-8741 to speak with an admissions counselor.
  • Demonstrate record of academic excellence (2.7 GPA or higher).
  • Current Unofficial High School transcript. This can be a copy of an original transcript or a print out from the school’s website.

Homeschool Student EDGE Admissions Requirements:

  • Demonstrate record of academic excellence (2.7 GPA or higher).
  • Current Homeschool transcript - (view a sample homeschool transcript).
  • Apply online or call 866-418-8741 to speak with an admissions counselor.




  • Dual Enrollment students are enrolled via Liberty Online Academy and are only allowed to enroll in select courses meeting general education requirements of most colleges and universities. See course descriptions.
  • Upon completion of the High School Diploma, General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or other high school graduation certificate, the student will need to apply to a degree program (resident or online) and no longer be able to enroll in the LUOA EDGE classes.
  • Students must take courses specific to completion of the HS diploma as a first priority and may only take a maximum of 36 total credits through the A La Carte Dual Enrollment program with a possibility to take up to 60 credits upon review. It is highly recommended that a student not be enrolled in more than 2 courses (6 credits) per subterm (8 weeks) to ensure academic success. Math and English courses will require an assessment test before enrollment in university courses to determine proper placement to help ensure successful completion of the proper course.
  • Students who fail an EDGE/Dual credit course may repeat the course one time. The student must pay the tuition for the repeated course. If the student is planning on graduating from LUOA, the original and second attempt grades are listed on the LUOA high school transcript and factored in to the student's overall LUOA GPA. A second failed course will result in the removal from the LUOA EDGE program. The student may continue to enroll in LUOA high school courses but will not be allowed to enroll in additional EDGE courses.
  • Financial Aid is NOT available for EDGE students.
  • Students will not be able to enroll in classes until all admissions requirements have been fulfilled