Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

The heart of Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine is centered upon service. All student-doctors are encouraged to dedicate themselves not only to excellence in academics, but also to fostering relationships within the community through outreach and volunteer service activities. Spirituality, empathy, compassion, and humanistic traits need refreshing and strengthening in all of us. LUCOM student-doctors are provided the opportunity to nurture a greater understanding of human needs, concerns, interests, and values through their participation in these programs.

A true Christian Worldview demands a respect and demonstration of service to your fellow man, and service is a vital component of the LUCOM mission and vision. Opportunities to network with local non-profit organizations and serving others within the community is a key ingredient to the curriculum thus expected of all student-doctors, all student organizations, the faculty, and staff of LUCOM.

LUCOM student-doctors will have the opportunity to expand their spirit of service globally by participating in international medical outreach events to expand access to health care for underserved populations across the globe. Each student-doctor will be required to participate in one block of underserved care during the OMS-3 and OMS-4 years, but will be given the opportunity to participate in one to two weeks events beginning at the end of the OMS-1 year with faculty and staff from the COM.

Recreationally, Liberty University spans more than seven thousand acres of unforgettable leisure experiences. Opportunities range from a state of the art fitness center to club and intramural sports. More information can be found at:

Student Government Association and Student Organizations

The Student Government Association (SGA) of LUCOM is the official representative body for all osteopathic medical student-doctors on the campus. The meetings are open to all student-doctors within the College, and the student council welcomes proposals and participation from all members of the student body.

Responsibilities of SGA include collecting and expressing student opinion, dispensing funds for student activities, acting as a liaison for the student body with the administration and faculty, promoting osteopathic medicine, supporting club and class activities, and working to improve the quality of life for all students at LUCOM. 

As LUCOM continues to grow, each class will elect a class president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and two class representatives to SGA the first month of the academic year. All officers will serve as representatives for SGA.

Student-doctors are also encouraged to participate within nationally recognized student organizations that represent medical disciplines and the professional interest of many of LUCOM students.