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Clinical Education

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) is proud of its strong educational partnerships across the country. OMS-III student-doctors will have the opportunity to perform clinical rotations at the facilities listed below based on their lottery region assignment. Rotations will also be performed at local outpatient clinical facilities in conjunction with hospital rotations.

For more information about Core Rotation Sites and Elective Sites, email the Office of Clinical Rotations at

Core Rotation Sites

Illinois (Hospital Sisters Health Systems)

Illinois (SSM Health)

Texas (LifePoint Heath)

Virginia (Centra Health)

Virginia (Chesapeake Regional)

  Virginia (Bon Secours)

  Virginia (LifePoint Health)

Virginia (Petersburg Hospital Company)

  Virginia (Sentara Healthcare)

International Rotations

Students have the opportunity to participate in international rotations during the OMS4 year for up to 20 credits provided that the experience meets the academic standards established by LUCOM. Students should refer to the LUCOM Clinical Training Manual for information on the academic standards and other requirements for international rotations.

For additional information regarding Samaritan’s Purse rotations and to submit applications for Samaritan’s Purse rotations or submit approval for an international rotation that the student has found on their own, follow the below link.

Apply for International Elective Rotations

Elective Sites

OMS-IV student-doctors have the option to do audition rotations at institutions other than our Core Hospital Affiliates. Review the Affiliation Agreement document below for our current list of affiliates. If you would like to perform a rotation at an institution that is not listed on the affiliation agreement list, submit an affiliation agreement request form. The Office of Affiliations will no longer be processing agreement requests that are submitted via email.

Submitting an affiliation agreement request does not guarantee that we will be able to finalize an agreement with the requested institution. New agreement requests may take 4-6 months or longer to process. Student doctors should plan to have backup rotations in place with institutions we are currently affiliated with in case the Office of Affiliations is unable to come to agreeable terms with the institution or it takes longer than the 4-6 month time frame to process. As the Office of Affiliations processes new agreements, the Affiliation Agreement document will be updated.

All email correspondence regarding affiliation agreements should be sent to Do not email individual staff members regarding affiliation agreements.

Elective Site Payments

Per LUCOM policy, student-doctors are responsible for all fees associated with clinical rotations that occur away from the Core Rotation sites. If an away site requires that an administrative fee be paid by the COM, the student will pay this additional cost to the COM, who will then arrange to send payment to that specific site.

Students may submit payment for their rotation site to this online portal.

For more information about Core Rotation Sites and Elective Sites, email the Office of Clinical Rotations at