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Student Testimonial: Jessica Swavely

“I want to help and heal people, whatever their ailment.”

LUCOM is a Christian, faith-based institution. As a student-doctor at LUCOM, what are your thoughts on this environment?

LUCOM’s Christian, faith-based culture creates an atmosphere where everyone is loved and their well-being cared for. Whether you are a Christian or not, every one is treated with respect and compassion which is very encouraging in such a stressful field.

What about fostering spiritual growth, character development, and academic maturity through LUCOM’s Code of Conduct?

Having the ability to meet people from different religions, cultures, and backgrounds that come to LUCOM makes one more well-rounded and compassionate. I love to talk to students from all walks of life and hear their journey to get to the same spot I am in, it keeps me humble.

What about the growing concern of mental health in medical school?

Maintaining mental health in medical school is of the utmost importance. If your mind is not well, your performance will suffer. Creating habits for the wellness of your mind and your body are essential in medical school and can carry over into your residency and beyond.

LUCOM has a unique office to help support the students. What are your thoughts on the Office of Student Services?

Student Services is extremely approachable and resourceful if you want to plan an event or meeting for the students. Being the president of a student organization, I have always found help from Student Services and the ability to do something fun for my classmates.

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