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Student Testimonial: Chase Reynolds

“Physicians have a unique opportunity to interact with people during some of the most challenging times of their lives. I believe that my personality, life experiences, and compassion will help me to assist people during these vulnerable times.”

Why did you apply to LUCOM?

As I researched more about the medical school, I felt that I personally identified with LUCOM’s mission and goals. Although the program was relatively new when I applied, the first classes had already shown great promise — performing at or above national averages.

What about the Christian environment?

The environment and culture at LUCOM embody core Christian values. While striving to educate and train extraordinary physicians, there is a clear emphasis on fostering professional and spiritual development. I believe that the Christian environment, regardless of a student’s religious background, places a positive emphasis on love, friendship, service, compassion and inclusion. Each of these themes supports a platform for camaraderie and a sense of family and belonging from your first day on campus. LUCOM fosters each student’s desire to develop a servant’s heart, with a focus on treating individuals as Christ taught.

What are your thoughts on the LUCOM student-doctor culture?

Within each class, there is an easy sense of belonging, as all students are going through the medical school journey together. Upperclassmen often reach out to the younger classes to offer words of counsel or support, and many serve as a resource for tutoring and/or mentorship. Although as students we are very busy with studies, the various clubs and organizations on campus host events which allow students to engage in activities outside of the traditional classroom setting.

What about the dress code?

One of the goals that LUCOM has for students is to develop and display professionalism from our first day on campus. I feel that the dress code at LUCOM is very easy to live with. The details of the dress code are spelled out in the Student Handbook, but the dress code largely calls for business casual dress while in the school.

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