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Student Testimonial: Bless Jung

“As a personal trainer throughout undergrad, I found enjoyment in encouraging others and supplying them with the right tools to better themselves. After experiencing that culture of supporting each other, I knew I wanted to pursue medicine.”

What drew you to apply and attend LUCOM?

I was looking for three components when applying: the osteopathic approach, culture and community. I wanted to be a part of the culture that the admissions and upperclassmen students presented during my interview. Also, the Lynchburg area is a rapidly developing area, but with a small-town feel. This community has given me so much and I wanted to be able to give back during my time here as a medical student.

What about the growing concern of mental health in medical school?

There are lots of demands and increased pressure during medical school. The faculty at LUCOM are constantly thinking about you and praying for you. Also, there are mental health resources provided by LUCOM. Never do I think I am alone or helpless during this high-stress time in my life.

What are your thoughts on the LUCOM student-doctor culture?

The student-doctor culture is unique. Our core values allow us to really support each other like a team. It seems like culture has been set to develop us not only as great physicians, but also great people.

LUCOM has a unique component to its curriculum called COMPASS. What is COMPASS?

COMPASS is a program that allows students to develop into physicians that have a strong identity and core values. Medical school is tough, and when we are stretched, our identity and our values are brought to question. During this vulnerable time, we can introspect and develop ourselves through COMPASS.

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