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Skiing & Snowboarding

Briton Engineering’s patented Snowflex surface makes it possible to participate in snow-sports year-round! If you have never tried a snow sport before, we highly recommend working with one of our instructors to schedule a lesson.

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Liberty Snowflex operates Neveplast tubing runs with year-round tubing options for everyone! We offer two larger runs next to the main slope (350 ft. and 500 ft.). Our tubing runs are a safe, fun, and inexpensive way to enjoy the scenic campus of Liberty University, as well the best view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in all four seasons.

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Olympic Trampoline

Bounce around for fun or work on aerial awareness for freestyle on our olympic grade trampoline. This is not just your standard backyard trampoline! Whether you want to jump on your own or rent one of our trampoline snowboards/skis (Liberty University students only), our trampoline is fun for all ages!

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Barrick-Falwell Lodge

The Barrick-Falwell Lodge offers spacious seating for students to utilize as study space or for parents to stay warm during their child’s lesson! The lodge is housed with a concession stand that offers drip coffee from The Muse Coffee Co., fresh pastries, candy, hot chocolate, and more. The lodge also features various Liberty Snowflex merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and more (Flames Cash accepted).

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