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Summer Cardio

July 27, 2018

Summer Cardio

Torrin Nelson – Marketing Manager

Cardio exercises are all about getting that heart rate up and consistently pumping in order to lose weight, burn fat, and improve overall health. Cardio exercise is very important for fitness, and fortunately, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to getting a great cardio workout. Cardio workouts can take place indoors or outdoors, and because it is summer, why not take those cardio workouts outdoors? Cardio workouts do not only have to include jogging/running, but below are a few ideas for some fun summer cardio workouts.

1. Double Dutch / Jumping Rope

Take it back to childhood and find some friends to Double Dutch with you. Double Dutch takes some skill, so be patient and just make it fun while challenging yourself. If you are by yourself, grab a jump rope and try to find some new and challenging moves and jumps that you have never attempted before. You may surprise yourself. Jumping rope will get your heart rate up quickly and keep you on your toes, literally.

2. Biking Along a Trail

Biking can be very relaxing, especially if you find a great trail with some beautiful scenery. Local parks are a great place to get started because most of them have some sort of walking and/or biking trail. Keep those legs moving, and your heart rate will stay up, resulting in a relaxing and great cardio workout.

3. Swimming

Swimming may not be an obvious cardio exercise, but it is a great one, especially on a hot day! Go to a local pool, ocean, or lake, and go for a swim. Try to stay moving, using your arms and legs together to swim laps to keep that heart rate up. If you need to take a break, lay out in the sun and work on your tan, and when it gets too hot, get some more cardio in the water.

4. Playing Tennis

I am sure that by now, you are inspired to be a professional tennis player after watching the Wimbledon Tournament, so get out there on the tennis court with a friend and play! Playing tennis at sunset into the night is the way to go on these hot summer days. Tennis requires almost constant movement either by running or swinging your arms, so it is a great way to get some cardio.

5. Hike A Mountain at Sunrise or Sunset

Summer is great time to go on that hike that you haven’t had time to go on during the busy semester months. If you start your hike about an hour before the sun is rising or setting, you are able to keep a consistent pace and keep your heart rate up as you climb towards your reward of a great view and sense of accomplishment!

Pick a couple of these different cardio workouts and see which one is the most enjoyable for you.