LUCOM Student-Doctor Leadership

Student Government Association (SGA)

LUCOM-Student Government Association (SGA) exists to serve the student body of Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM). We are dedicated to facilitating communication between the faculty, administration, and student-doctors, while advocating for positive change in areas that will enhance LUCOM’s development as an osteopathic medical school.

As leaders, we are devoted to enhancing the quality of student life by being a resource for both academic and non-academic issues. As a goal, we strive to facilitate students’ growth as: future osteopathic physicians, servants to their local, national, and global communities, and contributing members to society.

“Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.”

President Matthew Mastin
Vice President of Pre-Clinical Affairs Michael Goble
Vice President of Clinical Affairs Kilee Bayne
Secretary Mariam Asper
Treasurer Gabriel Martello
Community Outreach Chair Krishna Patel
Parliamentarian Philip Giarrusso





Class of 2019 Government Association (CGA2019)

President Williams Edwards
Vice President Wesley Turner
Treasurer Adam Duncan
Secretary Molly Witham
Parliamentarian Julia Selwyn
Historian Kaitlyn Kuntzman
IT Representative Matthew Boyle
Palestine Site Representative Sammy Raad
Effingham Site Representative Chris Huxel
Halifax Site Representative Elizabeth Mason
Norfolk Site Representative Shaun Ostrofe
Danville Site Representative Michael Pietrangelo
Danville Site Representative Patrick Akin
Petersburg Site Representative Stewart Hargrove
SWVA Site Representative Austin Davis
Centra Site Representative Laura Huff
Centra Site Representative Elizabeth Johnsen













Class of 2020 Government Association (CGA2020)

President Calli Fry
Vice President Beth Verdone
Secretary Rachel Kistemaker
Treasurer Mark Gartner
Parliamentarian Rachael Trupp
Historian JJ Kosa
IT Representative Gregory Boyer





Class of 2021 Government Association (CGA2021)

President Hannah Thompson
Vice President Fred Vilson
Secretary Danielle Navis
Treasurer Ashley Porter
Parliamentarian Daniel Quan
Historian Megan Boyer
IT Representative Mark Paquette


Honor Court

Lauren Russo
Kirsten Consing
Adam Moore

Student Curriculum and Sub-Committee

Ashwen Ravichandran
Angel Stevenson
James Reyes
Mary Bhajjan
Shaun Ostrofe
Laura Huff