Ambassador Program Information


Ambassador candidates apply for the program at stage 1. Student-doctors applying can be registered as OMS-I, OMS-II, OMS-III, or OMS-IV. Ambassadors can only advance to additional stages of the program by participating and completing all of the requirements of the previous stage(s). If a student-doctor does not fulfill all of his or her responsibilities within a particular stage, he or she cannot advance to the following stage and may be dismissed from the program. A student-doctor who has been dismissed from the program is eligible for reentry, but will be required to reapply, participate in the interview process, and if selected, begin again at stage 1, regardless of which stage the student-doctor had advanced to when dismissal took place.


Each student-doctor will participate in an interview consisting of standardized questions with an estimated duration of 20 minutes. The interview committee for the Ambassador Program has the right to refuse acceptance into the program for any candidate. The candidate will be notified of his or her acceptance into the program within a week of the interview. After a student-doctor has been accepted into the program, he or she will have to reapply each year and submit an application indicating which stage the ambassador is seeking. A student-doctor may choose to remain in a particular stage of the program without advancing to other stages as he or she chooses. If the student-doctor does not reapply to the program, he or she will not automatically advance or be re-enrolled.


Each student-doctor ambassador must develop a scheduled plan that accounts for the obligations and responsibilities of the program. It is the student-doctor’s responsibility to commit their participation in student tours, luncheons, and/or recruitment events. The Office of Student Services will provide logistics to support participation, but will not assign student-doctors to events or dates. Participation in student tours, luncheons, and recruitment events will be tracked by the Office of Student Services. Lecture attendance will be randomly checked throughout the year by the Office of Student Services. Ambassadors are representatives of LUCOM; therefore, they should be attending class, Student Services/school events, interacting with faculty, and be involved in professional organizations in order to be able to provide prospective students with a well-rounded depiction of LUCOM.

Student-doctors participating in the program are representatives of Liberty University, and by submitting an application he or she is committing to comply with LUCOM’s code of conduct and the university’s standards. If the student-doctor’s behavior is non-compliant with university standards, then he or she may be dismissed from the program and will not be eligible for reentry.