Academic Tuition Refund Calendar

Academic Tuition Refund Schedule 2018-2019

Students who withdraw from LUCOM, take a leave of absence, are suspended, or are dismissed during a semester are entitled to a tuition refund based on their date of withdrawal. There is no refund for withdrawal from a single course. Please note that Admission Deposits and all fees are non-refundable.

  • A student who withdraws during the first week of enrollment will receive a 100% tuition refund.*
  • After the first week of enrollment, a student who withdraws within 7 calendar weeks will receive a 50% tuition refund.**
  • A student who withdraws after 7 weeks but before the end of 13 weeks will receive a 25% tuition refund.**
  • A student who withdraws after 13 weeks or more is not entitled to a refund.**

*Eligible enrollment includes any courses that count toward the degree completion plan.

**In cases where a student is in a period of non-enrollment between courses and drops all remaining courses for the semester, the date used to determine the tuition refund amount will be the week immediately following the last completed course.