Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Important note: the academic calendars presented below are not finalized. They are subject to change up to the first day of classes. Urgent and/or emergent conditions, including weather and unforeseen circumstances such as a change in faculty availability, may or may not affect the finalized calendars. Student-Doctors should utilize caution in making personal travel plans and are advised to not book personal travel before 5 p.m., on the last scheduled day of each semester, to ensure that personal arrangements will not have to be changed due to changes in the published academic schedule.

* Scheduling for OMS-III and OMS-IV students is coordinated through the Office of Clinical Rotations. Students must refer to the Clinical Training Manual and to rotation site requirements for scheduled obligations and attendance requirements.

^ A break is scheduled for personal time off and/or vacation for OMS-I, OMS-II, and OMS-III students. Note: Student Progress Committee hearings are conducted during this time. Student-Doctors may be asked to return to campus.

Spring 2018 Semester

Jan. 1–July 1, 2018

May 25–June 29, 2018: Elective/Vacation/Remediation (OMS I & OMS II)

Fall 2018 Semester

July 2–Dec. 30, 2018

July 2-27* Elective and Make-Up Rotations | Rotations can begin (OMS IV)
July 23 Clinical Rotations Orientation (OMS III)
July 24-28 Orientation (OMS I)
July 28 White Coat Ceremony (OMS I)
July 30* Classes and Rotations begin (OMS I, OMS II, OMS III)
Sept. 3 Labor Day (OMS I & OMS II)
Oct. 15-19 Fall Break (OMS I & OMS II)
Nov. 21-23 Thanksgiving Break (OMS I & OMS II)
Dec. 14*^ Last day of rotations (OMS III)
Dec. 17^ Last day of fall classes (OMS I & OMS II)

Spring 2019 Semester

Dec. 31, 2018-June 30, 2019

Dec. 31* Clinical Rotations begins (OMS III & OMS IV)
Jan. 7 Classes begin (OMS I & OMS II)
Mar. 18-22 Spring Break (OMS I & OMS II)
Apr. 22 Easter Break (OMS I & OMS II)
Apr. 22–May 3* Capstone II, on-site at LUCOM (OMS III)
May 6-10 Senior Week (OMS IV)
May 11 Commencement Ceremony (OMS IV)
May 27 Memorial Day
May 31 Last day of classes (OMS I & OMS II)
July 1* Clinical Rotations can begin (OMS IV)

Student-Doctor Access to CMHS

Center for Medical and Health Sciences

Badge Access applies to the front door only.
Monday–Friday, 5 a.m.-midnight
Administrative Offices, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, 6 a.m.-midnight

Sunday, 1-11 p.m.

Medical Library-Regular Hours
(closed for alternative convocation, Wednesday, 9:45-11:15 a.m.)
Monday–Saturday, 8 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
Sunday, 1-11:30 p.m.