Admissions Process

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The Office of Admissions works closely with the Dean and the Admissions Committee to coordinate all aspects of student selection and enrollment. The goal of the office is to make the application, selection, and matriculation process as simple and effortless as possible for the applicant. The Office of Admissions is also available to provide transcript evaluations and answer any questions regarding the admissions process.

LUCOM participates in the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS).  Initial application to the COM is made through this service which can be accessed through their web site; www.aacomas.org.  After review of applications, those that meet the college’s criteria for admission are extended an opportunity to submit a secondary application.  The Office of Admissions and Admissions Committee then extend an offer for an on campus interview to those which are felt the most likely to be successful with the curriculum, fit with the culture of the institution and to advance the mission and vision of the college. While an interview is not a guarantee of admission, it is in itself a remarkable achievement and acknowledgement of the education, personal and professional accomplishment of the applicant.

LUCOM utilizes a rolling admission process and after an interview and review of recommendations by the Admissions Committee, successful candidates are usually notified of an offer for admission within two weeks of the interview date.

All offers of acceptance are conditional until the applicant has undergone a criminal background check, drug screen, and physical examination to ensure they can meet the technical standards established by the COM, and have had the required immunizations and immunization titers verified.

Whether you are currently in college, just graduating, contemplating a career change, or simply thinking about the possibility of becoming an osteopathic physician, we encourage you to contact us for additional information.