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Student-Doctor Leadership

Student Government Association (SGA)

The LUCOM-Student Government Association (SGA) exists to serve the student body of Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM). We are dedicated to facilitating communication between the faculty, administration, and student-doctors while advocating for positive change in areas that will enhance LUCOM’s development as an osteopathic medical school. As leaders, we are devoted to enhancing the quality of student life by being a resource for both academic and non-academic issues. As a goal, we strive to facilitate students’ growth as future osteopathic physicians; encourage service to local, national, and global communities; and contribute as members of society. Read the SGA Constitution.

“Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.”

2024-25 Academic Year
Olivia Spain
Vice President: Garrison Walker
Secretary: Sanobar Shaikh
Treasurer: Julia Spiotta
Parliamentarian: Evan Gaugler
Director of Community Outreach: Tabitha Hutchison
Wellness Coordinator: Abigail McLaughlin
CGA 2025 President: Frank Kelley
CGA 2026 President: Oscar Chastain
CGA 2027 President: Tyler Ray



Class Government Association 2024 (CGA 2024)


Class Government Association 2025 (CGA 2025)


Class Government Association 2026 (CGA 2026)


Class Government Association 2027 (CGA 2027)

The LUCOM Class Government Association 2027 exists to serve the LUCOM Class of 2027 as a resource for both academic and non-academic issues.

President: Tyler Ray
Vice President: Garrison Walker
Treasurer: Julia Spiotta
Secretary: Shua Jeong
Parliamentarian: Aaron Park
Historian: Brett Dowler
IT Representative: Olivia Spain
Curriculum Sub-Committee: Xiaoxuan Yu
Curriculum Sub-Committee: Clayton Goddard
Honor Court (second year of two year commitment): Constantine Nolan
Honor Court (second year of two year commitment): Ryan Deweese
Honor Court (second year of two year commitment): Aaron Boeve


Honor Court