Student Support: Compass

Finding your way through the rigors and challenges of medical school and life, with meaningful professional, personal, and relational growth.

COMPASS is a co-curricular program with the purpose of facilitating the development of the personal-professional identity of LUCOM student-doctors.


The Carnegie Foundation Report identified professional development as one of four objectives instrumental to the formation of a physician’s professional identity. COMPASS supports this objective by facilitating the development of the personal and professional identity of LUCOM student-doctors based on biblical principles and values.


The mission of COMPASS is to facilitate LUCOM student-doctors to develop their personal-professional identity utilizing biblical principles and values.


LUCOM student-doctors will examine their worldview in light of biblical principles and values.  This will impact all aspects of their life, including their spiritual development and professional practice in a positive manner.  This will be evident in their life goals, values, worldview, and demonstrated character.


  1. To foster and provide opportunity for LUCOM faculty to develop spiritually and professionally as they facilitate COMPASS.
  2. To provide support for LUCOM student-doctors throughout their medical school experience.
  3. To encourage LUCOM student-doctors to pursue holistic wellness and life-style balance.
  4. To equip LUCOM student-doctors to confidently discuss spiritual health with their patients and colleagues.
  5. To encourage LUCOM student-doctors to apply biblical principles to all of life’s endeavors, such as, personal-family relationships and serving others. 


OMS I - Fall Semester
OMS-II Fall Semester

Introduction to Compass

Your Bio

Personal Mission,
Vision and Action Plan

Appreciation of Diversity

Personal Worldview

Conflict Resolution

Know Yourself

Clinical Scenarios

OMS-I Spring Semester

OMS-II Spring Semester

One Another’s and Tolerance


Emotional Intelligence

Principles of Leadership


Faith and Medical Practice

Summing up

Summing up