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General Inquiry

If you have any questions related to LUCOM and/or would like more information, please email LUCOM@liberty.edu. We look forward to your message and thank you for your interest.

Biomedical Frontiers Seminar Series

LUCOM-Center for Research hosts the Biomedical Frontiers Seminar Series (BFSS) all-year long, on a Wednesday of each month from 12-1 p.m. Presentations are held in the Blue Auditorium (#1014) at the Center for Medical and Health Sciences (CMHS).

Each invited speaker offers presentations on many diverse forms of research including, but not limited to, molecular and cellular biology, physiology, microbiology, and infectious diseases, healthcare approach, and policies, etc.

View the 2018-2019 schedule.

Guest Lecture

LUCOM is privileged to host guest lecturers/speakers from all over the world for official academic presentations and general/in-the-field discussions with LUCOM student organizations. If you are interested in visiting LUCOM as a guest lecturer/speaker, please email LUCOM@liberty.edu.

Talk N Tours (TNT)

A building of mystery sits high upon Liberty Mountain. While somewhat secluded from Liberty’s main campus, LUCOM is still very connected to Liberty University. In an attempt to connect with Liberty’s colleges, departments, offices, and schools – LUCOM created the Talk N’ Tours (TNTs) initiative.

TNTs allow the faculty and staff from all over main campus as well as friends and partners from Central Virginia to tour the Center for Medical and Health Sciences. Ultimately, the goal is to help guests have a better understanding of what occurs at LUCOM, what facilities and resources are available to medical students, and provide education on osteopathic medicine as well as its approach to medical care.

Interested in touring the Center for Medical and Health Sciences (CMHS)? Email LUCOMMarketing@liberty.edu for more information.


Career opportunities with LUCOM are listed online with additional information available through Liberty University Human Resources.

View current open positions.