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Rules and Regulations

General Range Rules

  • Immediately follow ALL directions and commands of the Range Safety Officer, or RSO, at your shooting venue. Obey “cease fire” commands immediately and return your firearm to a safe status.
  • Failure to follow all of a LMGC RSO’s directions or commands will result in dismissal from LMGC.
  • No parties prohibited from purchasing, owning or using a firearm, or convicted felons, or anyone under a current restraining order may use any of the shooting venues at LMGC.
  • Proper eye and ear protection must be worn at all times.
  • All state and federal firearms laws and regulations apply at LMGC.
  • All guns entering and leaving LMGC must be unloaded and contained in a case until an RSO has given permission to uncase the firearm. The loading and unloading of any firearm or magazine can only take place at a designated range under the supervision of a RSO.
  • If you bring more than one firearm to LMGC you may only have one firearm on the line at a time, keeping other firearms unloaded and cased.
  • Shotguns for the skeet, trap and sporting clays ranges may be left uncased, but must be unloaded and left with the action open.
  • No cell phone may be used while handling a firearm.
  • No substances that cause impairment will be allowed at LMGC. Range Safety Officers have the right to not allow anyone to shoot who displays any signs of impairment.
  • No hand to hand transfers of firearms, they must be placed on a bench or gun rack before another person may handle the firearm.
  • No firing from the hip.
  • You must clean up your spent casings, shotgun hulls and all other trash before you leave each shooting venue.

Four Main Firearm Safety Rules

Age and Personnel Regulations

Firearms and Ammunition Restrictions

Any questions about the rules and regulations can be directed to our office at (434) 582-3457 or by email at lmgc@liberty.edu