The Benefits of Intramural Sports

September 16, 2021

Written by Kailey Bandara, Intramural Sports Manager

As a manager who has played and worked for Intramural Sports, I can say first-hand that there are many benefits to participating in Intramural Sports. Not only did it help create hundreds of memories with teammates and coworkers, but it was also the perfect starting point to getting involved on campus. Here are four of the major benefits of participating in Intramural Sports:

Meet New People

College is a time of transition. Getting plugged in can be a daunting task when navigating class schedules and settling into a new dorm or apartment. The person you sit next to in class can become your best friend, but sometimes it can be a lot harder than that to form friendships and meet new people. Speaking from a place of personal experience, joining an Intramural team opened the door to having opportunities every week to make memories in a fun and competitive environment. You can join a team with your hall or play the role of “General Manager” and add people to your team that you have met from other places on campus. Whichever route you choose by building a team or joining one, you will never know the fun and lifelong friendships you can build when you decide to participate in Intramural Sports.

Great Source of Exercise & Stress Relief

Through the craziness of classes and other responsibilities students might have during their time at Liberty, it can be difficult to get a healthy amount of exercise into their weekly routines. While going to the gym to workout is a good solution, doesn’t playing a game with friends twice a week sound more fun? Whether a student is running down the field to catch a touchdown pass or dribbling the ball down the court on a fast break, Intramural Sports provides a great source of exercise every week without even lifting a weight. In addition to exercise, participating in Intramural Sports is also a great way to manage stress and to give a student a quick break from their studies. Many students have used their weekly Intramural Sports games as a way to relieve the stress of school, life, or whatever else they are dealing with.

Work AND Play

One of the newer benefits to participating in Intramural Sports is that we now offer the students the opportunity to play in the sport that they work. This means that if a student is working for basketball as a referee, they can also create or join an Intramural basketball team and enjoy playing in the league. This means you can still get your work hours in AND relieve a little stress in the same night. This policy allows students to have the best of both worlds — to both compete and work in their favorite sport.

Free T-Shirt Opportunity

The general consensus about college students is that they are obsessed with opportunities for free t-shirts. Whether it is their attendance at a Liberty basketball game or staying until the fourth quarter at a football game, t-shirts are a huge motivating factor for college student’s participation. This remains the same for Intramural Sports. Many students have expressed their determination to win the championship in their league because of the bragging rights that wearing an Intramural Champion t-shirt brings.

Intramural Sports is a great contribution to a student’s college experience. Because of its influence on building friendships, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and providing a fun competitive environment, Intramural Sports has become a huge factor in what students look forward to every year. Have we convinced you to sign up? Visit to learn more about Intramural Sports & register for the Fall Season!