Socially Distant Sports – Creative Ways to Play This Summer

June 12, 2020

Written By Danielle Ledgerwood, Intramural Sports Coordinator

Even as states wean off the strict guidelines and adhere to a more relaxed approach to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it may be a while before normal, recreational sports return to the full capacity. If you are in desperate need of some friendly competition (and some exercise), here are a few ideas you can do this summer:

Disc Golf

With relatively no contact nor use of shared equipment, disc golf would be a fun, yet challenging, group activity for you and your roommates to tackle on a Saturday afternoon. The only equipment you need are the discs which can be purchased online or from your local Play It Again Sports.

Lynchburg is home to several disc golf courses—two of which are on Liberty’s campus. One is located at the end of East Campus, the other can be accessed via Camp Hydaway Road. Just look for the trailhead a few hundred yards before the Hydaway Outdoor Center. Peaks View Park also boasts a great course, just be wary of others also enjoying the shared space.


As long as it falls within your local and state guidelines and restrictions, you and your roommate/spouse/coworker could play tennis and still be practicing social distance. A lot of cities have tennis courts in certain parks and public areas, but be sure to do some research first to see what is allowed. If you’re looking local, Riverside Park in downtown Lynchburg has several courts, as well as Peaks View and Jefferson.


Did you miss out on Capital One’s The Match: Champions for Charity? It was just about the only live televised sporting event that happened over the past few months. With golf greats Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson paired up with football icons Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the event reached 5.8 million viewers and brought in nearly $20 million for COVID-19 relief funds.

Golf has proven to be the ideal quarantine sport: mainly because doesn’t require any shared equipment. Although some states closed their courses during the severe outbreak, a lot of them have opened back up as local governments roll out Phase I and II of their reopening strategies. Here in Lynchburg, a good majority of them stayed open, providing a respite for those who needed the fresh air, activity, and community.


If all else fails, and you’re just looking for a way to be active and get outside, it might be a good time to take up running. You could start training early for the VA 10 Miler, or just take evening leisurely jogs around your neighborhood. Whatever your motivation, running is a great way to lower stress and boost your mood, plus it’s good for your health! If Lynchburg is your home for the summer, explore the Liberty Mountain Trail System right on campus or local spots like Blackwater Creek Trail and Riverwalk Trail.

    Enjoy your summer, stay active, and stay socially distant!