Facilities Series: Snowflex

May 15, 2020

Written By Victoria Dissmore, Marketing Employee

Most students think of Snowflex as “that place up the mountain super far away that only snowboarders, skiers, and CFAW go to”, but Snowflex is truly the hidden gem of campus! Take an On-Demand Ride or use the sidewalk up the mountain (it’s only a 10 minute walk!), and you’ll discover that there’s something for everyone.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Maybe you’re a seasoned snow-sports athlete, or maybe you’ve never strapped into a snowboard or a pair of skis. Snowflex is here to accommodate you and all your skiing and snowboarding dreams!

For beginners, there is a smaller slope below the lodge and instructors available during all operating hours to teach you everything you need to know for your first successful ride down the slope. Did we mention lessons are entirely free for students as well?

Above the lodge, there is a 550-foot main slope where you can cruise the thirty-second ride down or hit some of the built-in features to practice your tricks.

The Snowflex staff will be happy to assist you with any help you need on either slope or answer any questions you might have. Don’t be afraid to come on up and hit the slopes, whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between. Everyone is welcome!


If strapping your feet to plastic and zooming down a hill isn’t your cup of tea, we also offer tubing all year round. This is a fun, easy way to blast down the mountain that all ages and skill levels can enjoy!

Slope operators will guide you to the top of your chosen tubing run and give you a push to get you going. All you have to do is stay seated and enjoy the ride!  If you’ve never been up to Snowflex but are looking for an outdoor activity on a gorgeous, sunny day, we highly recommend the tubing run!


That’s right, no need to wait for snow or CFAW mats. You can go sledding up at Snowflex any time of the year! The smaller slope below the lodge has a designated space apart from the skiers and snowboarders where you can go sledding anytime. We provide the sleds and the slope, and you bring the fun.

Olympic Trampoline

Another one of the unique offerings at Snowflex is the Olympic trampoline next to the beginner slope below the lodge. This isn’t your typical backyard trampoline. Keep jumping and you’ll see just how high you can go! Bring your friends to show off your tricks and flips, but only one person is allowed to jump at once. You get the whole trampoline to yourself!

Barrick-Falwell Lodge

If none of the activities interest you, come visit Snowflex for the breathtaking views of Lynchburg and its surrounding mountains from the lodge balcony. They’re also in the process of adding an outdoor fire pit which is perfect for a relaxing autumn night with friends!

Inside the lodge:

  • couches for studying
  • a large community table (this will occasionally be reserved for an event)
  • a fireplace to warm up by in the winter
  • drip coffee from The Muse Coffee Co. and other snacks for sale at concessions
  • Snowflex branded merchandise
  • taxidermy Virginia wildlife on display
  • a relaxed atmosphere with music – just like a coffee shop!

The Barrick-Falwell Lodge is definitely a hidden gem on campus. If you love a coffee shop atmosphere, we highly recommend coming up to Snowflex to get away from the bustle of campus and have a quiet place to do work or chill with friends.

If you’re injured or physically handicapped, you can still access the lodge through our entrance from the side parking lot and newly built elevator.

Snowflex really does have something for everyone, and everything at Snowflex is free for students! Whether you want to snowboard, ski, tube, sled, jump on the trampoline, or chill in the lodge, you can do it all for free. The staff can help direct you to wherever you want to go, and there’s plenty of seating for studying upstairs.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit us today!