The Benefits of Dancercise

January 16, 2020

Written By Karah Rushing, Group Exercise Instructor

Feeling the need to relieve stress, burn calories, and have a great time? Come try a dancercise Group Ex class at LaHaye! Dancercise classes offered range from high intensity cardio classes, such as Zumba, Hip-Hop, and MixxedFit to classes more focused on building muscular strength, such as Barre Above. Here are some benefits shared by all Dancercise classes:

    They feature fun, upbeat music

    Here are some songs you will work out to if you come to my Barre Above class this semester:

    • “Year 3,000” and “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers
    • “Turn Up the Music” from Lemonade Mouth
    • “Best Friend’s Brother” from Victorious
    • “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts

    They build great friendships

    I know this from experience as my relationship with one of my best college friends began freshman year in Zumba classes. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to bring your friends so you can do the classes together!

    It’s a lot more relaxing than you might think

    Most Dancercise movements are simple and repetitive, allowing the mind to relax and focus on the previously mentioned music and friends instead of only concentrating on the workout.

    Each class benefits your body differently

    In Zumba you will be introduced to a variety of Latin styles and burn over 500 calories! In Barre Above you will be taught basic ballet movements and notice significant increases in full-body strength if you consistently attend and challenge yourself. Consistent attendance at MixxedFit and Hip-Hop classes is sure to increase your movement credibility the next time you find yourself having a dance-party with friends!

    So many benefits and nothing to lose! Check out our Group Ex Schedule to see which Dancercise classes work for you.