Anatomy Lab

Anatomy Lab

Dissection Anatomy

The 5300 square-foot anatomy lab, located on the fourth floor, will include large windows that showcase the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as, provide natural light and maximum air circulation. The lab will also incorporate an HVAC system that providing air exchanges at a rate of approximately 17 times per hour. This system works in conjunction with the downdraft dissection tables, which are vented (600 CFM per table) to provide an odor free and chemical free environment for students and faculty.  

The 26 dissection tables/stations are each accompanied by a computer monitor. The instructional space will have up-to-date technology that provides for both live presentation, CCTV broadcasts and recording of procedures, prosections, and pathology that can be displayed at each dissection table or stored digitally for future education uses.

The lab will have wireless Internet access to allow integration of access to all educational resources of the college and promote the integration of anatomical science with clinical science. Resources include electronic dissection programs, cross-sectional anatomy diagnostic imaging, and 3-D video content. Located near-by, an extensive model library will also be available for student study and check out.

A cold storage unit and a large mortuary and preparatory area separate from the main lab will allow long-term cadaver storage, prosection preparation, research and educational resources, and embalming capabilities.