About Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation proudly serves the Liberty University community with a wide variety of programs and facilities. With recreation professionals in various fields, our staff passionately lends their expertise to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and comes alongside you to help round out your college life with experiences outside of the classroom. 

Made up of 4 departments (Recreation Centers, Intramural Sports, Student Activities, and Outdoor Recreation), Campus Recreation can help you get plugged in to campus life. We are here to help you connect socially, challenge you physically, and provide educational opportunities. So whether you are looking for a place to workout, to enjoy latest concerts, a chance to join a team, or some time in the great outdoors, we have something for you. 

The Liberty University Campus Recreation Department is a proud member of the National Intramural - Recreational Sports Association.

Chris Misiano
Vice President

Campus Recreation Departments

About Student Activities

Student Activities offers more than 100 events each school year, including concerts, movie nights, art expos, and campus favorites such as Coffeehouse and Block Party. We want to connect you to your friends, your campus, and your culture--all for free or at a significant discount.


  • Steph Ward - Director
  • Brian Shesko - Associate Director
  • Kari Moye - Assistant Director
  • Erin Diaz - Event Coordinator

Meet the Student Activities staff

Contact Student Activities



Phone: 434-592-3061

Office: Second floor of the LaHaye Student Union (Green Hall)




About Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers offer social, recreational, and fitness environments for Liberty University students and facility members. They offer different types of activities year-round in their facilities.


  • Jamie Swyers - Director, Recreation Centers
  • Sam Seaborn - Associate Director, Operations
  • Rylie Culkin - Associate Director, Marketing and Operations
  • Heather Gaunt - Associate Director, Fitness and Programs
  • Sean Sealy - Associate Director, Facilities
  • Jake Weatherholtz - Assistant Director, Operations
  • Bri O'Neal - Assistant Director, Marketing
  • Elliot Gaunt - Rock Wall Coordinator
  • Javaz Williams - Fitness Coordinator
  • Spencer Mather - Facilities Coordinator
  • Linda Galvez - Administrative Planner

Meet the Recreation Centers staff

Contact Recreation Centers



Phone: 434-592-3148

Office: Second floor of the LaHaye Student Union (Green Hall)




About Intramural Sports

Compete, fellowship, boost leadership and management skills, and relieve stress — all with Intramural Sports! Intramural Sports programs are a fun way for you to build cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.


  • Ed Barnhouse - Director
  • Steve Chamberlin - Associate Director

Meet the Intramural Sports staff

Contact Intramural Sports



Phone: 434-592-3145

Office: Second floor of the LaHaye Student Union (Green Hall)




About Outdoor Recreation

Liberty Outdoor Recreation provide outdoor trips, trainings, and other events for our students- including the Hydaway Outdoor Recreation Center. Our mission is to serve the educational, recreational, and development needs of the Liberty University community by utilizing outdoor adventure pursuits, experiential educational methods, and the natural environment. The programs provide opportunities for challenging experiences, and spiritual growth in outdoor settings while promoting stewardship through a sustainable land-use ethic.


  • Mike Ellsworth - Director
  • Mariah Herring - Assistant Director
  • Chris Marvel - Assistant Director

Meet the Outdoor Recreation staff

Contact Outdoor Recreation



Phone: 434-592-6284

Office: Second floor of the LaHaye Student Union (Green Hall)




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