LMSC Alert: The Button Lift servicing the Upper Slope is currently down. We will let you know when it is back up and fully operational. Please note that the Conveyor Lift is still in operation and services both the Upper Slope and Tubing Runs. x
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The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

Located atop Liberty University’s serene 5,000-acre mountain, the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is the country’s premier point for year-round skiing, snowboarding and tubing. Composed of beginner, intermediate and advanced slopes and a two-story lodge, this high-performance playground is the first of its kind in the U.S.

Ski & Snowboard at the Next Level

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level rider, LMSC has something for you. With lessons, coaching programs, and even summer camps, Snowflex is your destination for year-round progression!

Next Level Summer Camp 2016 from Bryden Bowley on Vimeo.

The Lodge & Concessions Stand

The Barrick-Falwell Lodge is Liberty Mountain's scenic centerpiece, giving the LMSC the look and feel of an alpine resort.

Relax on the couches or
next to the lodge fireplace
Enjoy some coffee, soda, and
a variety of snacks
Feel free to use our
Free WiFi
We accept
LU Flames Cash!
Quiet place to study, read or
hang out with friends
Rent out the lodge
for special events