LUCOM Faculty, White Coat Ceremony 2016

Faculty Opportunities

The Faculty Development Program of LUCOM fosters an environment that empowers faculty to continually work toward enhanced educational scholarship.

Through the efforts and support of the Office of Medical Education (OME), our mission is to facilitate the progress and success of our faculty in all essential domains.

This mission directly relates to LUCOM’s goal of optimizing all levels of training and medical education for our students. Through this faculty development program, MedEd aims to maximize every student-doctor's potential to provide ethical, compassionate, competent, and patient-centered osteopathic medical care.

Established in 2016, the LUCOM Faculty Development Program is designed to provide professional development and learning opportunities that support faculty throughout their careers as educators, researchers, and physicians.

OME faculty opportunities include:

  • Enhancing faculty competencies
  • Preparing faculty for promotion and tenure
  • Instilling a sense of community and shared values
  • Connecting faculty as engaged members of the Lynchburg, Va. health system

All faculty development program opportunities are evaluated in regards to LUCOM’s continuous improvement efforts. OME builds upon the identified strengths and successes of each program. It also incorporates participant feedback and input from department chairs, course directors, and LUCOM leadership.

Areas of development

  • Advancement
  • Clinical
  • Education
  • Events and Registration
  • Faculty Forward Engagement Surveys
  • Leadership
  • Library
  • New Faculty Programs
  • Research
  • Wellness/Engagement