About Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers, comprised of a variety of recreational facilities, serves to enhance the overall well-being of Liberty University students, faculty, and staff. We provide outstanding equipment and amenities, and also host dozens of programs and events throughout the school year. Recreation Centers plays a key role in offering students diverse recreation opportunities, as we strive to meet the needs of our growing community.

LaHaye Hours

Pool Hours

Rock Wall Hours

LaHaye Contact 

Monday 5:00am-11:30pm Monday 7:00am-10:00pm Monday 2:00pm-11:00pm Phone: 434-592-3223
Tuesday 5:00am-11:30pm Tuesday 7:00-11:00am and 12:30-10:00pm Tuesday 2:00pm-11:00pm Email: recreationcenters@liberty.edu
Wednesday 5:00am-9:30pm Wednesday 7:00am-9:30pm Wednesday 2:00pm-9:00pm  
Thursday 5:00am-11:30pm Thursday 7:00-11:00am and 12:30-10:00pm Thursday 2:00pm-11:00pm  
Friday 5:00am-11:30pm Friday 7:00am-10:00pm Friday 2:00pm-11:00pm  
Saturday 9:00am-11:30pm Saturday 9:00am-10:00pm Saturday 2:00pm-6:00pm  
Sunday 1:00pm-11:00pm Sunday 1:00pm-10:00pm Sunday CLOSED  
  • CLOSED Wednesday and Friday from 10:30-11:45am for Convocation
  • Hours are subject to change
  • Follow us on social media for updates on hours (@LURecCenters)

Bowling Alley Hours

Game Room Hours

Montview Contact

Monday Noon-11:30pm Monday Noon-11:30pm Phone: 434-592-3221
Tuesday Noon-11:30pm Tuesday 9:00am-11:30pm Email: recreationcenters@liberty.edu
Wednesday Noon-9:30pm Wednesday Noon-9:30pm  
Thursday Noon-11:30pm Thursday 9:00am-11:30pm  
Friday Noon-Midnight  Friday Noon-Midnight   
Saturday 10:00am-Midnight Saturday 10:00am-Midnight  
Sunday 1:00pm-11:00pm Sunday 1:00pm-11:00pm  
  • Hours are subject to change
  • Follow us on social media for updates on hours (@LURecCenters)

David's Place Hours

David's Place Contact

Monday Noon-11:30pm Phone: 434-582-7016
Tuesday 10:00am-11:30pm Email: recreationcenters@liberty.edu
Wednesday Noon-9:30pm  
Thursday 10:00am-11:30pm  
Friday Noon-11:30pm  
Saturday 10:00am-11:30pm  
Sunday 1:00pm-11:00pm  
  • Hours are subject to change
  • Follow us on social media for updates on hours (@LURecCenters)

Natatorium Hours

Natatorium Contact

Monday 8:30-10:30am and 5:00-9:00pm Phone: 434-582-3681
Tuesday 8:30-10:30am and 5:00-9:00pm Email: recreationcenters@liberty.edu
Wednesday 8:30-10:30am and 5:00-9:00pm  
Thursday 8:30-10:30am and 5:00-9:00pm  
Friday 8:30-10:30am and 5:00-9:00pm  
Saturday 10:30am-2:00pm  
Sunday CLOSED  
  • Hours are subject to change
  • Follow us on social media for updates on hours (@LURecCenters)
  • Rec swim hours will be canceled if there is a swim meet. Currently scheduled closings for Spring Semester are as follows:
    • January 19th and 20th - Closed
    • January 25th - Evening Rec Swim Times Only
    • January 26th and 27th - Closed
    • Feb 2nd and 3rd - Closed
    • Feb 9th and 10th - Closed
    • Feb 19th - Evening Rec Swim Times Only
    • Feb 20th-24th - Closed
    • March 1st-3rd - Closed
    • March 23rd and 24th - Closed
    • March 30th and 31st - Closed
    • May 4th - Closed