Lifeway's myWSB 

My Word Search Bible is a free web application that was created to help individuals study and obtain a better grasp of the Scriptures. The web app also contains a reader for students to use with their inclusive access textbooks. There are a lot of useful tools that supplement the reader that will discussed in detail later in the course.






Why do I need myWSB?


For Inclusive Access, MyWSB functions as the library and reader for all textbook related content sourced through LifeWay. MyWSB will be the location where you will access, read through, and create study notes to accompany the chosen books for your course. Additionally, if your class involves a study of the Scriptures, you will have access to multiple translations of the Bible and be able to view them side by side with their textbooks. 


Student Resources


With Inclusive Access, your textbooks will be included in the course where you will complete much of your coursework. There will be a link within the course that will redirect you to LifeWay's MyWSB (My Word Search Bible) page, where all of their content sourced from LifeWay will be located. Students will first need to create an account before they can access their textbooks. Once you have created an account on MyWSB, you will automatically have access to the course textbooks.


Learn How to Access myWSB:


Log into your blackboard course.

On the left side of your course, there will be a link that reads "Textbooks/eBooks". Click on this link. On the new page, there will be a clickable button for your textbooks that will redirect you to the myWSB web app.

Create an account on the myWSB page. Once you have created your account, you will have access to your textbooks under the 'Library' tab.

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