Information Services (IS) exists to introduce and support technologies within the University community. Together, we identify issues, communicate solutions, and provide resources for both personal and professional success.


Information Services is composed of two branches (Analytics & Decision Support, Information Technology). Analytics & Decision Support examines data in an effort to drive revenue, reduce cycle time, and improve customer services. Information Technology handles communication, integration, maintenance, and support of innovative technologies around campus.

To view a full listing of IS departments, please visit our Departments Page.

Vision & Strategy

The vision and strategy of Information Services was created in part for compliance to Liberty University’s Strategic Plan 2017-2022, which supports the University’s mission and provides a critical component of the University’s framework for goal setting, budgeting, on-going assessment, and decision-making that leads to continuous improvement, and supports Liberty’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which seeks to enhance the quality of education.

Our Vision

  • Streamlined Process: Optimized processes to create efficiency.
  • Business Outcomes: Align IT services with business outcomes.
  • Open Communication: Listen and Verify understanding by creating transparency, disclosure, and honesty.
  • User Experience: Focus on user experience to create innovative and enhanced technology products.

Our Strategy

  • Goal 1: Business Alignment
    • To align IT services with business oriented outcomes.
  • Goal 2: Innovative Experiences
    • To create and enhance vision products with innovative technologies focused around user experience.
  • Goal 3: Optimized Quality
    • To increase the quality and efficiency of it services and products through process optimization.
  • Goal 4: Effective Personnel
    • To invest in IT personnel development in order to promote the organization’s effectiveness.
IS Services Vision and Goals poster