HelpDesk Remote Assistance Agreement

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In order to resolve certain computer issues, the Liberty University IT HelpDesk Remote Support technicians may request to remotely access a user’s computer. During a remote session, the IT HelpDesk technician may suggest installing or removing certain software or plug-ins to help resolve issues that may be occurring on the computer.

The Liberty University IT HelpDesk is undertaking the repair of the computer as a volunteer. Liberty University is not a bailee and shall have no liability as such. Specifically, neither Liberty University nor its employees, student assistants, agents, or contractors shall be liable to the user for any damages – whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or punitive – to the computer or its components or peripherals. Also, Liberty University and its employees will not be liable for failure to repair, failure of repair, loss or corruption of data, loss of productivity, or losses occasioned by the computer affecting or rendering inoperable other devices to which it is connected.

The IT HelpDesk cannot be held liable for any hardware or software related issues that may incur during a remote support session. Agreeing to this policy means that you hereby give the IT HelpDesk technician permission to make changes on your computer. You are also giving them permission to access and control your computer from the remote location in order to troubleshoot and resolve the issue(s) at hand. This can include software installations, uninstallations, and/or configuration changes. They may also reset a browser and perform typical troubleshooting, which includes clearing the cache and cookies of your browser. All of these things will be done in order to get your computer to an optimum level of compatibility.

Due to the nature and limitations of remote support, the IT HelpDesk will not be able to fix all of the issues you may have encountered on your computer. If your computer cannot be fixed remotely, you should take it to a local technician to resolve the issue at hand.

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