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We're Moving To Dropbox!

After reviewing our file storage needs as a University as well as calculating costs, we have decided to adopt Dropbox as the main file storage platform for Liberty University departments. Over the course of the next few months, Liberty University will be migrating department folders currently located in Molly and FS2 to Dropbox. This migration will occur on a department by department basis on a rolling schedule.


Benefits of using Dropbox:

  • Unlimited Storage - Store all of your files in one place with unlimited storage for work purposes. 
  • Data Recovery - Recover deleted document and previous file versions (saved to Dropbox). 
  • Remote Access - Access your files in the office, at home, or abroad without using VPN.
  • Collaboration & Sharing - Collaborate with your colleagues and share documents with ease.


Dropbox Transition Process & Timeline

On your official move date, all of your department files will be automatically migrated from the Molly and/or FS2 to Dropbox. After the content has been migrated to Dropbox and confirmed that all data is present, the source content on the Molly/FS2 will be deleted and the share will be set to read-only. At this point, all that you will see in your department's original Molly/FS2 shares will be a .txt document indicating the content was moved to your Dropbox team folder and the name of that Team Folder.

Please check back later for an updated schedule of when your department Molly/FS2  is transferring to Dropbox.


Need assistance throughout the transition? 

Contact your Business Relationship Manager (BRM) for help transitioning your department from Molly storage to Dropbox. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will I know when my department is moving to Dropbox?

Before any efforts are made to move your department’s folders, management and department admins will be notified by the Dropbox project manager or your BRM. From there, your department admins will be responsible for communicating the official migration date. In the meantime, this is a great time for your team to condense and consolidate the files currently located in the Molly.


How do I get access to Dropbox?

If you already have a Dropbox for Education account through Liberty University, then you are all set. If you do not have an account through Liberty, please submit a ticket.


How will my department’s files be moved to Dropbox?

On your official move date, all of your department files will be automatically migrated from the Molly/FS2 to Dropbox. After the migration, all of your files located on the Molly/FS2 will be set to read-only. There will be a note in your old Molly/FS2 indicating where in Dropbox you can locate your files in order to edit and share them.


Need individual or departmental training?

Liberty offers a variety of training resources for Dropbox.  Request individual training, departmental training, or view online tutorials to get started. 


Request Departmental Training Request Individual Training View Online Tutorials


How do I set up Dropbox?

The Dropbox desktop application lets you access all your most important files anytime from your computer, even ones that were originally created on another device. Access your files on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

Our Dropbox app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows tablet is a great way to get even more out of Dropbox, letting you preview, edit, and share files right from your smartphone or tablet. The mobile app only downloads files when you need access, so it never hogs your data plan or storage.


How much storage space will our department receive on Dropbox?

Each department folder located on Dropbox will receive unlimited storage space.


How do I share files and folders and manage permissions?

Dropbox gives you a full range of collaboration features, like sharing files and folders, that help you get the most out of your Dropbox. 

Learn about:


What is "Selective Sync" & "Smart Sync" and how do I turn it on or off?

Selective Sync enables you to choose which folders are synced to your local drive (your computer). Smart Sync provides you with the ability to view all your files from your computer without the file downloaded to your device until you open it. 


Want to learn more? 

More About Selective Sync More About Smart Sync



How do I request access to the department Dropbox folder for our student workers?

To request Dropbox access for your student worker(s), please submit a ticket stating why the student requires access. Dropbox licenses are limited, so they will only be provisioned to student workers on a case by case basis. 



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