Kaltura is a web-based video platform adopted by Liberty University. You can use Kaltura to host your existing videos, create new videos, and manage your media on your phone, tablet, or computer. Kaltura integrates with Blackboard and enhances your classroom experience by allowing you to create, upload, and share multimedia content in one central location. Visit watch.liberty.edu to get started.

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Create video and screen capture presentations with ease.

Record anywhere on your video-enabled device with up to 3 webcams, a presentation, screen capture and audio.

Improve engagement with detailed analytics.

Track and monitor student involvement with access to Kaltura analytics by viewing detailed reports about your media.


Create an experience, not more work.

Record and upload videos to Blackboard, send out weekly video announcements, assign a video discussion board to students, or provide video feedback on graded assignments.

This new video platform also enables course Subject Matter Experts to create instructional videos within Blackboard or upload them directly to the course shell.


Track student engagement & success.

Kaltura’s Analytics provides reports about user engagement. Report types include:

  • Top Content – Find out what your viewers are engaging the most. 
  • Content Drop-off – This report looks at user attention span. 
  • Content Interaction – Track behavior such as editing, sharing, downloads, and more.


Keep it simple – house media in one place.

Kaltura provides seamless integration with Blackboard that enables users to watch instructional videos, search captions, leave comments, and record presentations in one platform.


Taking ‘complicated’ out of learning.

Ready to record a speech or presentation for class? Start recording directly from Blackboard and upload your video in minutes using your device’s internal equipment!


Kaltura Recording Room

Looking for a room to record a lecture or presentation? We now have a dedicated recording space in the Jerry Falwell Library located in room 361A. This room includes a camera and mic to capture video, audio, and content displayed on your laptop. Once your recording is finished,  you will be emailed a link to your video.


To reserve this lecture capture room you may call the Jerry Falwell Library directly at (434) 582-2220 or visit the  Customer Service Center or Information Desks.  If you wish to make the reservation yourself you may do so through  25Live (Note: Use only for scheduling meetings at least 24 hours in advance).


Want to learn more about lecture capture? Visit our Online Tutorials or read the Lecture Recording Room Instructions.


Training & Support

Visit our Kaltura Video Tutorials to learn how to record audio, video, screen captures, and more with ease. If you experience any issues, please visit our IT HelpDesk for assistance.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 



Can I share a created video with someone else?

Absolutely! If you are interested in collaborating with another Liberty University person, you are able to add a Co-Editor or a Co-Publisher. Learn more about Collaboration on Kaltura’s Support Site.


Can I edit a video after I publish it to Kaltura?

Yes, a video can be edited after being uploaded into My Media. When in My Media, choose the option to Edit the video. Then, look for the Trim option. More information can be found in the Kaltura Blackboard User Manual.


Is Kaltura a hardware or a software?

Kaltura is a software application, meaning that you are not required to purchase/own any physical technology for it to function. Also, Kaltura’s main functionality is web-based and will allow you to access it from any browser. Kaltura Capture, Kaltura’s media creation application, would require you to download the application to your device.


What technology do I need to use Kaltura?

No specific technology is needed to use Kaltura, either as a viewer or creator. However, in order to create a presentation, you will need to be able to connect to the Internet, record video and/or audio, and run the Kaltura Capture application. Most laptops, desktops, and tablets will meet this need.


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Is Kaltura available in my Blackboard course right now?

Yes. An easy way to verify is to create an Announcement and open the Mash-Up tool in the Content Editor. You should see Kaltura as an option.


Can Kaltura integrate with WebEx?

Yes! From now on, any WebEx meeting that is recorded will automatically push to Kaltura. Therefore, if you want to share your recordings with others, you will be able to do so easily.



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