Tableau is an interactive visualization tool that can be used to create customized dashboards and generate compelling business insights through the use of powerful analytics.

By requesting a report on the ServiceNow catalog, Liberty University’s Analytics and Decisions Support teams (ADS) will consult with you to determine what reporting tools and methods will best fit your needs. If Tableau is the best fit, they will work with you to develop a customizable dashboard where you may easily manipulate and configure your report to your liking.

Introduction to Tableau

Why Tableau?

Simply put, Tableau allows users to make ‘visual sense’ of data. Tableau reports may be produced for any area of the university, and these reports are characterized by an emphasis on easy-to-read visualizations and customizations through the use of interactive controls, such as filters and parameters.

Track Enrollment Trends

Communicate Survey Results

Analyze Space Usage

Attract Prospective Donors

Improve Communication & Collegiality

Show Fiscal Responsibility


DIY articles for support:
Using Tableau Reports

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