ADS Enterprise Service Management Team

ADS ESM leads service management through process design and development, encompassing sponsorship and continual improvement of our processes and metrics. We prioritize guiding consistent service delivery for customers by integrating their feedback into our process design. Additionally, we focus on designing actionable reporting for standardized performance metrics to ensure transparency and effectiveness. Currently, we primarily serve the entire Information Services organization but have been rapidly expanding to serve other areas of the University. As the University continues to pursue Enterprise Service Management practices and standards, ADS ESM is equipped to continue partnering with additional departments to improve service management practices.

As part of our design methodology, we carefully consider the organizational structure and culture to identify critical success factors and key performance indicators. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with customers to enhance service management practices, aligning our strategies with their evolving needs and expectations. We also support and manage ServiceNow, a main support tool for service visibility. Our team drives product enhancements and documents proper usage of the platform to better support service delivery.

Whether establishing new processes or refining existing ones, our team plays a pivotal role in communicating process changes, providing comprehensive training, offering guidelines, and delivering insightful reporting. We are the primary drivers behind process creation, analysis, and the value provided. Our efforts are dedicated to fostering acceptance and ensuring compliance with these processes throughout the organization.

Meet the team

Carl Wilcoxen

Jr. Data Scientist

Brooke Higgins

Process Owner

Autum Phillips

ADS ESM Team Lead & Process Owner

Bill Spier

Business Data Analyst

Eric Viets

Business Data Analyst

Tucker Sorrell

Business Data Analyst